• Increase customer Acquisition

    Identify where natural influence is working in your favour and amplify it.​

  • Optimise campaigns, simplify management

    We tell you who, when and where to target, the tone to use and the best channel.

  • Cross-channel measurement

    Infinite marketing budget? Thought not; understand which channel works the hardest to prioritise your spending.

  • Multi-agency marketing made simple

    We audit and measure the different agencies and channels you have to provide a consolidated output of what is working the best.​

  • Increase trust and reputation

    We focus on using anonymised data so your customers will know you’re playing by the rules.

  • Reduce the time needed for auditing and reporting

    Understand the difference between correlation and causation and view simple to understand audits on your campaigns and marketing performance.

  • Win more clients

    Stand out against the competition by using the first tool of it’s type in the market.

  • Do more with less using the power of AI

    By automating implementation and review you can spend more time with clients and less time doing.

  • Differentiate. Added value for your customers

    Keep the conversation going long after your campaigns ends by harnessing the power of peoples’ social circles. Your customers will love it.

  • Compare channels effectively

    Increase the return from your clients spends by understanding which channels work the hardest.

  • Seamlessly connect your other tools

    Is this your first marketing tool? No, we guessed that which is why we integrate with major platforms and have an API for custom connectors.

  • Increase trust and reputation

    We know your customers trust you, we wouldn’t want to jeopardise that which is why we take security seriously.

Make Smarter Decisions using better insights

You’re busy, that’s why we’ve built a tool that tells you what you need to next, rather than make you interpret it yourself. We call this evidenced backed recommendations

All you need to do is connect your 1st party data via our simple to use connectors and we do the rest. Once we’ve crunched the numbers we’ll let you know what our recommendations are and the evidence behind them.


Key Features

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Yawn, “another AI tool”? Maybe, but where others are whitewashing everything with AI our PHD backed data science team know the reality and use it to grow you brand​.

  • Automated Platform

    This means it’s quick enabling you to get up to speed in hours not weeks.

  • Anonymous Data

    You heard of Cambridge Analytica right? Thought so. Data regulation is getting tougher and our unique approach means we can provide recommendations that work, without breaching peoples right to privacy.

  • Advanced Network Science

    We provide a transparent view across all your channels so you can now compare apples and oranges.

  • Digital and Non-Digital Insights

    I know it’s hard to believe in 2020, but people do still talk face to face, so if your insights tools are not looking at non-digital data then you’re not really getting a full picture, are you? We provide a holistic view of the influence that is driving your brand activity.

  • Grows Brand Awareness

    The board want to see a long term plan with immediate results, right? We get that and that’s why we take a long term strategic view but provide short term tactical recommendations to keep things moving the right way.

Sample Data Connectors

  • favorite Lumilinks is loved
    by clients worldwide

    Julian Roberts
    Lumilinks has been invaluable in proving clarity on how our channels are performing and improving our marketing spend ROI.
    Julian Roberts
    George Toursoulopoulos
    Using the Lumilinks API has allowed us to use data science to drive significant value to our customers.
    George Toursoulopoulos
    CEO Synetec
    George Toursoulopoulos
    Lumilinks has reduced the time it takes for us to get up to speed with new clients showing us the most effective channels which allows us to quickly prioritise ad spend for better returns.
    Jamie Capaldi
    Founder of Capaldi Marketing
    Frank Khan Sullivan
    Lumilinks is a highly useful platform for CMOs - massively reducing the time it takes to contextualise the mountain of data we collect on Google. We can now show reportable ROI and articulate customer behaviour in context.
    Frank Khan Sullivan
    MD, C Digital Studio

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